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Why book a professional carpet cleaning service?

Taking good care of carpets through regular home or office carpet cleaning & maintenance is the first step in keeping your carpets clean.

However, there’ll come a time when you feel a more detailed and thorough carpet clean is needed that spot cleaning & regular vacuum cleaning just can’t effectively clean to the detail and care needed. In fact, professional carpet cleaning is recommended at least once every two years.

Here are some of the advantages:

1) Expertise: An experienced professional carpet cleaning company should and will have extensive knowledge and experience working with all types of carpeting in order to provide the best product and service for the job. A common mistake of ‘do it yourself’ carpet cleaning is choosing a cleaning chemical that is not suitable for your specific carpeting. This can result in damage to the carpeting material.

2) Deep Clean: Professional carpet cleaning services utilize steam and hot water extraction methods that deeply clean and penetrate into carpeting fibres.

3) Stain and Odour Removal: Professional carpet cleaning will get rid of carpet stains from food, pets, etc. This not only will help rid your carpets of stains but also of any odors and smells that can arise through daily wear and tear on carpets. Using store bought odour removal products will never effectively rid your carpets of these problems but professional carpet cleaning will.

4) Environmentally Friendly Products & Safety: A good carpet cleaning company will also consider the cleaning products safety. At Speedy Carpet cleaning we use environmentally friendly and certified carpet cleaning solutions that are safe for pets, children, etc.

5) Time Saver: Professional carpet cleaning will save you time. In today’s busy world, this is one less thing to have on your plate.
In addition, professional carpet cleaners can be more efficient and fast as have experience working with all types of carpeting, carpeting services and room sizes.

6) Proper Drying of Carpets: After the carpet cleaning job is completed, your cleaner will properly dry your carpets. This prevents mold & mildew.

7) Extend the Life of Your Carpet: By routinely cleaning and maintaining your carpets, you can extend the life of your carpets for years to come. Not only that, but the aesthetics of your home are greatly improved by having fresh, clean, stain free carpets.

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